4 Recommendations Best Smartphone For Business 2017

Tuesday, February 28th 2017. | Business, News

4 Recommendations Best Smartphone For Business 2017. Some old models of smartphones is still very perfect, and you fit that works for business. Although many types of smartphones in circulation, smart gadgets do not work as much as you want. For your business that need speed, you need to choose the appropriate gadget and can support your work very well.

Best Smartphone 2017

4 Recommendations Best Smartphone For Business 2017

Some recommendations phones with differentiated prices below could be the choice before you come to the center of the gadget in your city.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The first number is occupied by the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is currently priced in the range of $ 2,238.52 (amazon.com – 01.02.2017).

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Smart phone with super fast performance with an elegant shape and appearance is well suited to carry by the upper class. Super AMOLED screen is embedded in its body measuring 5.7 inches with a density of 515 ppi and resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels.

The display screen was sharp and very clear. In addition, octa core processor with a speed of 1.9 GHz deserves special attention especially supported by 3 GB RAM with 32 GB of internal memory and Android Kitkat operating system that can be upgraded to Lollipop.

The storage space can be expanded up to 128 GB for the preparation of space for your data needs. And photo purposes supported by 16 MP main camera and 3.7 MP front camera.

The camera feature is equipped with the advanced features of which are full HD video, OIS, and others. And of course, the battery is steady with Li-Ion 3220 mAh.

Blackberry Classic

Recommendations phone for business the second is the Blackberry Classic. Why not, indeed BB can be a reliable option for businesses, because it has two user selection, touch or use the convenient keypad is pressed, currently priced in the range of(amazon.com – 02.01.2017).

BlackBerry Classic freshsmartpnone.com

BlackBerry Classic Q20 SQC100-3

Blackberry Classic is equipped with a dual core processor speed of 1.5 GHz with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB internal memory. Micro SD slot is available and can be filled to a capacity of 128 GB.

The screen is 3.5 inches using TFT 720 x 720 pixels with a density of 291 ppi. Complete with front camera rear row is 2 MP and 8 MP. The battery capacity of 2515 mAh and adequately represent your need for long-lasting battery.

Blackberry Q10

Furthermore, blackberry that has a super AMOLED screen with a screen resolution of 720 x 720 pixels and measuring 3.1 inches, 328 ppi density.



Has a 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory, and microSD slot can be filled up to 64 GB and the processor is dual core 1.5 GHz with an operating system Blackberry OS 10. BB Battery is set at 2100 mAh. Currently priced in the range of $325.00 (amazon.com Р01/02/2017 )

The advantage besides the battery life and speed, certainly on display and an easy to use keypad are soft. In addition, already 8 MP main camera with HD video features 1080 @ 30fps.

Blackberry Q5

No. 4 in line 4 on the phone for business filled by Blackberry Q5 which is relatively cheap, at only $99.99 (amazon.com – 02.01.2017).

Blackberry Q5 Freshsmartphone.com

Blackberry Q5

Comes with a 1.2 GHz dual core processor phones that use the operating system Blackberry 10 is also carrying 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory is full.

The screen resolution of 720 x 720 pixel IPS LCD with a size of 3.1 inches and 328 ppi, this phone is equipped with a main camera – the second is 5 MP and 2 MP. Agile performance balanced with a powerful battery with a record number 2180 mAh Lithium Ion battery.

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